Tiny Travels: 7 Ways a Tiny Wine Country Town is Saving Summer

Small towns slay summer doldrums. Don’t believe me? In Oregon wine country, it’s actually possible to fill all those late sunsets with every kind of party and none of the hassle. With a scene set for late-night strolls, nightlife that is just happening enough, and spaces meant to maximize the easy living of the wine country lifestyle, McMinnville might be just the right place to go big on summer.

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The best guide to Oregon Wine Country has four legs

I’ve lived in the capital of Oregon wine country, McMinnville, Ore., for five years and have been a travel writer all that time, but I’ve never experienced something as life-shifting as being up in the Red Hills on a horse. It is, without a doubt, the best way to go wine tasting.

Unless you’re afraid of horses. If that’s the case, don’t do it 🙂

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The McMinnville AVA: A Detective Mystery

 It just so happens I’m in the travel detective business. It’s bad business to have an American Viticulture Area (AVA) right in your backyard that you don’t know. It’s like a clue hiding in plain sight.  From what I’m hearing on the streets it’s the stuff dreams are made of: Sloping hills ripe for trodding, cool breezes wafting from the sea. The whole place like a lover waiting to be touched.

All we’ve got is, maybe the McMinnville AVA will have the best wine in the history of wine and maybe it won’t. But the fact is it’s there, it’s waiting and for most of us working stiffs it’s so close you can almost smell it.

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