Top tips for photographing Oregon ghost towns

Photographer Sheldon Traver his approach to finding life in dead places.

I’ve got a new story out about Oregon ghost towns and thought I’d check in with my friend Sheldon Traver about the best way to photograph them. Sheldon’s a professional photographer, so when his daughter was ready to do a senior portrait photo shoot, he jumped at the chance to photographer her at some of […]

Recipe for an ultimate Oregon wine country picnic

Soaring music, picnics in paradise and a barn owl release at Elk Cove Vineyards

My partner and I celebrated our 11-year anniversary yesterday in bang-up, Oregon wine country picnic style. Just like for our original honeymoon, when he indulged me by taking me to the writers’ homes in the Berkshires (hello, Edith Wharton’s Mount!), Adam was more than happy to step into my idea of bliss: Opera in the […]

Next time you travel, start with what you want to smell

The nose knows some things about rest and transformation.

Traveling as a lifestyle habit and professional reason of existing is one thing. Truly relaxing is another entirely. I usually don’t relax while I travel. I am fully engaged, feeling ALL the things, trying to find the way in and the transformation that can happen through a change of perspective. So when I want to […]