Move your desk, change your life

A jedi mind-hack for the work-at-home professional

Where your desk is located in your home office, what it faces, what sits behind you as you create, where your office is located: All of these things affect your creative work. I have moved my desk three times after becoming a work-at-home creative professional. The first time, I had just met feng shui and […]

I made a gift for you: 10 Game-changing Takeaways for Professional Creative Life

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It’s here! I made a 10-page quick guide for you featuring some of the seminal lessons I’ve learned in 10 years working as a professional creative. What’s in the guide: Personal stories of creative problems overcome Inspiration for the creative journey Short activities to make sure you’re on the right path Advice for dealing with […]

5 great takeaways for the creative life from Greg McKeown’s Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

What a management consultant can teach creatives about setting priorities.

For years a discussion has been brewing about what makes a person an adult. I’ve figured it out. It’s not having kids, buying a house, ironing your shirt, or being in a career-track job. It is having defined priorities: Knowing what yours area and aligning your life in pursuit of those priorities. Greg McKeown gets […]

On grief nesting

A strawberry to get you through tough times.

I have been grief nesting. Anger cleaning and sorrow cheese-making. Despair canning. Trying to enter the circle of passing on gifts, heartbreak jam, because the stories coming out of Portland about three men and the young women they were compelled to protect from hatred have shaken me at my core. Here’s the thing about stories. You […]

Want to start a world holiday? PART 1

Start with why people should care.

In just a few weeks I will celebrate the world holiday I created, World Tessellation Day. Actually, that’s wrong. I had the crazy idea to start a world holiday around interlocking tiled mosaic patterns, but it was a couple hundred people, many of them fantastically creative math play advocates, who made it happen and who […]

Kim Cooper Findling knows all the places

Bend before the greatness of Central Oregon's loveliest travel writer

You’ve been to Bend, yadda yadda, you’ve done the things. Well, sort of. Maybe you keep going back to Lava Lands every year (I know I do), or your annual pilgrimage to Todd Lake feels like a homecoming you’ve been there so much. That’s all fine and good, but you haven’t tapped out of the […]

You can’t do big creative projects alone

Why you need to get on board with the idea of shared creativity.

I need to tell you about the Garden of Gentle Breeze. A couple years ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to stay overnight in a garden. Surely there was some kind of Airbnb or garden property I could rent for the night for a couple’s getaway. Creative googling gets me very […]