The conversation that changed everything for me

Why creatives need an entrance strategy, not an exit strategy.

I was sitting next to a Hood River winemaker on a press tour last summer. He and his wife were serial entrepreneurs, the kind of people who spin off businesses like other people eat potato chips. We were talking about businesses — how they start, how they thrive — when I asked him what his […]

Writing a memoir book proposal? Use this checklist.

Stay on task, pace yourself and finish!

I’m deep in the thrill of starting a new project right now, an 80s memoir about houses. Last week, I was feeling really good about how much I had accomplished (a sample chapter and prologue, an overview of the book for a book proposal) until I decided to really map out what it is going […]

Meet me in McMinnville for World Tessellation Day

I'm doing this thing, I hope you'll join me.

June 17 is #WorldTessellationDay! I am throwing a party for the holiday I created tomorrow at the public library in McMinnville, Ore. When: 1:30 p.m. Where: Carnegie room What?: Something old, something new, something crunchy! This is the second World Tessellation Day celebration. If you were at the first, I’m switching things up a bit. […]

Ready to Start a World Holiday? Identify how people can engage with the thing.

How to build a community around donuts, patterns, walking plants to work and other nonsense.

Starting a global holiday is really not that difficult. It only requires a bit of understanding about subcultures and what drives strangers to connect around an idea on social media. This is the second in a series I’m writing about starting your own world holiday. These posts are based on the ideas and approaches I’ve […]

Move your desk, change your life

A jedi mind-hack for the work-at-home professional

Where your desk is located in your home office, what it faces, what sits behind you as you create, where your office is located: All of these things affect your creative work. I have moved my desk three times after becoming a work-at-home creative professional. The first time, I had just met feng shui and […]

I made a gift for you: 10 Game-changing Takeaways for Professional Creative Life

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It’s here! I made a 10-page quick guide for you featuring some of the seminal lessons I’ve learned in 10 years working as a professional creative. What’s in the guide: Personal stories of creative problems overcome Inspiration for the creative journey Short activities to make sure you’re on the right path Advice for dealing with […]

5 great takeaways for the creative life from Greg McKeown’s Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

What a management consultant can teach creatives about setting priorities.

For years a discussion has been brewing about what makes a person an adult. I’ve figured it out. It’s not having kids, buying a house, ironing your shirt, or being in a career-track job. It is having defined priorities: Knowing what yours area and aligning your life in pursuit of those priorities. Greg McKeown gets […]